...it’s a Coast thing is a new brand for the whole of the North Yorkshire Coast. It aims to reflect and promote a unique coastal lifestyle. It is intended for use by businesses, organisations, events, initiatives and Scarborough Borough Council in promoting the area to existing and potential residents and investors, and by association, adding value to their organisations' image.

The brand grew out of the stories local people told us, so primarily ‘a Coast thing’ is honest, real and valued - the very opposite of manufactured marketing spin.

Recent years have seen a reawakening amongst many Britons as to the desirability of coastal living. Rather than aspirations to have a second house at the coast, it’s now the dream of many to live by the sea and visit the city only when necessary.

The borough offers an unrivalled proposition for those wishing to pursue this ideal - beautiful location, good physical and digital connectivity, business development opportunities, decent affordable housing and towns that have successfully kicked against nationwide coastal decline. While moves to attract new residents and businesses alike continue, it’s crucial that the message gets out that the North Yorkshire Coast is a perfect place to live, work and play.

Scarborough Borough Council

Having being brought up on the coast and lived in various places around the UK, Our designers fully understand the '..it's a coast thing'. We always get  drawn back to the area no matter where we have been. So we are proud to be associated with the brand.